Set up your own KYC/AML-compliant OTC Desk.

Give your customers access to deals instantly. Securely. is a white-label solution for exchanges and trading desks. The platform connects buyers and sellers who wish to execute over the counter deals in a secure way.

What makes unique


Verified traders

Verify every trader, exchange, and trading desk that signs up on the platform and perform background checks (KYC, AML) to avoid scams.

Guaranteed transactions

Move funds in seconds with multi-party computation, a solution that enables the secure transfer of digital assets and guarantees transactions.

Instant Settlement

Faster settlement timing for both crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto deals. Funds will be swapped in the traders' accounts instantly.

Whitelabel's Platform Today.

And, connect with other whitelabelled OTCTrade desks to expand your deal network.

Save months and years of development time and costs. Instantly set up your own world-class trading desk and customize it with your own branding. This P2P solution is even ideal for existing exchanges because eliminates real and perceived conflicts of interest associated with non-transparency, intermediaries posing as counterparties. Buyers deal directly with sellers.

The problem: An Outdated Process



Current exchange platforms (Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, etc.) pose significant vulnerability risk. Hackers can infiltrate and hijack trades, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars.

No discovery

Lack of discovery tools for more legitimate and verified sources prevents small and medium-sized funds from being found and prevents growth, restricting the industry to remain stagnant as more significant players in the space receive all the traffic.


The layer of anonymity that OTC trading provides prevents the collection of valuable data on OTC traders.


There are too many platforms that exist and it can be challenging to keep track of all of them.

No end-to-end solution

No platform currently offers a complete solution.


Long, slow, lengthy, and inefficient trading process. Current platforms can take hours or even days.

The Solution


High transaction volume platform featuring a pool of available deals enabling direct trading

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Customizable audience search & advanced analytics tools

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Global network of verified traders and trading desks

Quick Product Tour


Our software plugs seamlessly into your onboarding process, allowing full control of who can use your platform.

Every trader goes through a KYC process, designed to eliminate fraud. Your customers can link their custody wallets to the platform as proof to other traders that the posted assets are in their full control.
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02 locks in asset prices for 30 seconds while the deal is completing negotiations. This gives traders time to reconsider, re-price, validate or cancel.
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Traders get full control. Users verify and validate deal details before executing each trade. Security is enhanced with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure safety.

Once the trader confirms execution, the trade is settled instantly. Blazingly fast.
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Get up to date information on deal transactions at the click of a button. Locate the transaction ID, time stamp, transaction amount, fees, counterparty information, and more. Now you can easily audit your deals from one screen.
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Industry Leading Features


Exclusive Access to the Best Deals

Access quality, exclusive deals securely, right in our platform.
blazing speed

Blazing Speed

Launch a desk that offers bespoke deals and transactions that settle instantly.

Each Portfolio Insured to USD 5 million

Get peace of mind from any loss due to theft, hacking, or malicious activity. Additional insurance is optionally available.
security shield

Auditable Transactions, Secure Trading Environment

Perform background checks and verify each trade and user. Every transaction is audited.

Strict Deal Confidentiality

Implement strict confidentiality for every offer, deal, and counter-offer within the platform. All transactions handled with a high degree of privacy.

Our Trusted Partners

Companies that are helping us build the greatest over-the-counter platform of all time.

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The first end-to-end platform in the OTC space

OTC Trade is on track to position itself as a vertical leader by creating the first end-to-end platform in the space. Our objective is to ensure global reach by targeting trading desks and brokers from across the world. The company is founded by a team that has a strong track record in crypto, investing, and information technology.

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